is a post rock/noise band formed in Athens in 2009. Their music is a complicated mixture that can sometimes reach the edge, as you can notice in any single track of their debut album.

Their music combines peaceful melodies that are suddenly transformed in energetic and even violent sounds.

Their first album “A Constant Loss Departs from the Sentiment of the Abandoned” saw the light of day on 2011, produced by Aris Christou, who has formelly worked with many significant alternative greek rock bands (Closer, Bocomolech etc.)


A Constant Loss Departs from the Sentiment of the Abandoned (2011)

/ Self-released / Distributed by Noteale Records


 [ A Constant Loss Departs from the Sentiment of the Abandoned ] is more of your day to day post-rock listen. Instrumental all the way with no lyrics but yet plenty of reverberation and waves scattered and adsorbed very quickly from the surface. Calf coming from Greece are brilliant, no doubt about that, they renounce the most of clichéd ingredients and dare tougher changes in mood, atmosphere and speed. Don’t miss this one. []

And they’re good, no doubt, renounce the most of clichéd ingredients, dare tougher changes in mood, atmosphere and speed and thus differ…[ In German]

These days the media picture we get of Greece is a bleak one: a country unable to pay its debts, a country that has been living beyond its means for a while now. But not all news needs to be miserable about the country, as Calf have shown on their four track, 34 minute effort “A Constant Loss Departs From The Sentiment Of The Abandoned”…[]

As you listen to this release, you are greeted with a score of variant tunes which range from being aggressively epic and fast to completely droning, depressive and melancholic. All presented atmospheres flow in an excellent manner, yet along the way they manage to morph into something completely unexpected. []

Calf’s interview @ Archiv Hate


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